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(코리아타운뉴스) Elderly Korean Woman Killed in Front of Her Home

By Woosoo Lee
By Woosoo Lee

[LA중앙일보] 발행 2017/08/11 미주판 21면 기사입력 2017/08/11 16:33

The murder was premeditated, according to police

An elderly Korean-American woman was shot and killed in front of her home. Police investigations suggested that the gunman’s plan was to steal her daily income made at her sports apparel store.

The shooting occurred on Montrose Avenue and Ramsdell Avenue in front of a townhouse at 8:40 p.m. on Aug. 8. When the policemen arrived, 67-year-old Hye-soon Oh was found bleeding on the ground of her garage. She was pronounced dead later at a nearby hospital.

“We live in a quiet neighborhood, so the gunshot was heard loud and clear,” said Kevin, Oh’s neighbor. “When I ran out, I saw an African-American man running towards his parked car. He soon fled from the scene.”

Glendale Police Department Sgt. Robert William said: “Oh was shot one time in her upper body immediately after getting out of her car. We’re reviewing the surveillance camera to track the suspect at the moment.”

Oh’s neighbors said that she has been operating a premium sports apparel business in Long Beach with her husband. The suspect had presumably planned to steal her belongings as she was returning home from work.

It is especially notable that Oh has been known for having her daily income on her on a nightly basis on her way back home from work, the police said.
“It doesn’t seem like the suspect committed an unplanned crime,” said Sgt. William. “We don’t know if the suspect followed Oh from her work or if they have been waiting for her near her home.”

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