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(코리아타운뉴스) “An Organization That Helps Koreans”

By Jiyoon Kim
By Jiyoon Kim

[LA중앙일보] 발행 2017/10/26 미주판 23면 기사입력 2017/10/25 17:25

BOE board candidate Ben Park holds conference

Ben Park, a 48-year-old aide for California Senate leader Kevin de Leon, has officially announced his plan to run for the board member position at the State Board of Equalization (BOE). The decision marks a shift in Park’s direction after he initially declared to run to represent the 38th Congressional District of California for the Hose of Representatives.

“I’ve made up my mind to run to represent the Third District of the BOE,” said Ben Park at JJ Grand Hotel. “The election will take place on June 11 next year.”

Park said that he aims to right the ailing ship that is the BOE, which has recently suffered from various corruption cases, including embezzlement and nepotism. The Third District encompasses L.A., Torrance and Glendale, all areas with populous Korean communities.

“I want to contribute to the BOE so that it becomes a government organization that can give practical help to the Korean community,” said Park. “I’m going to utilize by experience in print, health care and other businesses since I’ve graduated college.”

About retrieving his intention to run for the House seat, Park said: “I’ve considered what would be the best position to contribute to the community and began leaning towards the BOE.”

Park plans to finish his work for the Kevin de Leon camp and begin campaigning for the BOE seat starting next week.

Meanwhile, the BOE overseas tax collection, disputes and mediation for 72 types of taxes. It collects over $60 billion in tax money alone. The BOE once employed about 4,800, but has been downsized considerably after a series of scandals recently.

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