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Where Can We Find the Most Romantic Macarons

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[텍사스 중앙일보] 기사입력 2018/02/09 13:34

Valentine’s Day is coming back and Macarons are ready

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there is no doubt on thinking that many people are struggling to come up with a perfect valentine’s gift with kind price and enough romance. Many desert cafes in Dallas are also keeping themselves busy to provide the most satisfied gifts to couples, starting with chocolates with champagne to end the taste with colorful macarons. It would not be hard to find Valentine’s gift in desert cafes.

Macaron is known as the most famous French snack with its soft colors and friendly round shape. People are not only attracted to its various tastes, but also fall in love with its chewiness. Why not targeting my Valentine’s heart with these macarons.

Bisous Bisous Patiserrie, which the name has the meaning of “Kiss Kiss’ in French, is located in West Village of Dallas uptown. The café is known to have perfect interior to bring the atmosphere of Paris, France that customers can feel as if they are actually in France just for a sweet bite of a macaron. This Patiserrie bakes macarons with unique shapes such as unicorn, pine apple, cactus, and many more. Also, they run maracon classes every year to give lessons of how to bake pretty macarons.

If you are looking for fancy macarons with decorations of meringue and almond powder, Joe the Baker’s Macarons, located in Coppell Farmers Markets, would have various kinds of macarons to impress you. And Chelles Macarons which is located in the Farmers Market building in Dallas, can give you special flavors of macarons such as rose flavor and black sesame flavor.

Haute Sweets Patisserie is chosen to be the best dissert café in Dallas by Dallas Magazine. Professional patissiers bake and decorate macarons with amazing skills that would surprise you.

JOY Macarons, one the most known macaron places among young Koreans fill a box of macarons with dozen roses to add flawless romance with its fragrance. Joy Macarons cafes are located in Dallas uptown, Oak Cliff, and Lower Greenville.

However, if you do not find a time to visit the cafes or can not meet your lover on Valentine’s Day in some reason, then the cafes would provide not only delivery services but also pretty decoration for macarons so that your lover still can be satisfied on the day.


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