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[오늘의 생활영어] it's (or That's) up to (one); (누구에게) 달려있다

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Jack is talking to his friend Chuck.

(잭이 친구 척과 얘기하고 있다.)

Jack: What are you doing this weekend?

잭: 이번 주말에 뭐해?

Chuck: Well, Saturday I'm taking my sister out to dinner.

척: 음…토요일에 누이와 외식해.

Jack: What's the occasion?

잭: 무슨 날이야?

Chuck: It's her birthday.

척: 누이 생일이야.

Jack: What restaurant are you taking her to?

잭: 어떤 식당으로 갈 건데?

Chuck: I don't know yet. That's up to her. She'll choose the restaurant she likes.

척: 아직 몰라. 누이 맘이지. 누이가 좋아하는 식당으로 고를 거야.

Jack: Is she older or younger than you?

잭: 누나야 동생이야?

Chuck: She's older; five years older.

척: 누나야. 다섯 살 위 누나.

Jack: Did you get along when you were kids?

잭: 어렸을 때 사이좋게 지냈어?

Chuck: Oh no. We fought all the time. You know sibling rivalry.

척: 아니. 만나면 싸웠어. 있잖아 형제끼리 경쟁의식.

기억할만한 표현

*what's the occasion?: 무슨 날이야?

Jim: "I'm taking my wife out to a very expensive restaurant tonight."

(오늘밤 아내하고 아주 비싼 식당에서 외식해.)

Roger: "What's the occasion?"

(무슨 날이야?)

Jim: "It's our fifth wedding anniversary."

(결혼 5주년 되는 날이야.)

*get along (with someone): (누구와) 잘 지내다.

"I get along with my neighbors. They're nice people."

(이웃과 잘 지내고 있어요. 다들 좋은 사람들이에요.)

*sibling rivalry: 형제 자매 사이의 경쟁의식

"The sibling rivalry I had with my brother when we were kids was big."

(어렸을 때 저도 형제 사이의 경쟁의식이 보통이 아니었죠.)

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