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SOMESING, social music Karaoke App, announced Strategic Partnership with Contentos, a global leading content platform

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김미정 기자

기사입력 2019/04/21 17:45

Partnership Ceremony(offer SOMESING)

Partnership Ceremony(offer SOMESING)

'SOMESING', a blockchain based social music Karaoke App, announced on the April 22st that it has signed a strategic partnership with 'Contentos', which stands out in the global digital content industry, and has decided to work together to increase the value of digital content through blockchain.

After launching the Android version beta service in late February, Kim Heuibae, CEO of SOMESING (Emel Ventures), that has received much attention from Singer Song Creator (who creates new value by singing), said, "Contentos stands out in content industry having more than a million global content creators as well as 60 million users worldwide. In particular, Kim expressed hope that the synergy of the creators of SOMESING and Live Me, the No.1 U.S. Live Streaming App, will be very large.

Company Logo Image(offer SOMESING)

Company Logo Image(offer SOMESING)

Contentos is a blockchain platform that allows fair distribution of profit, value, and rights to its producers. The platform is designed to solve the irrational structure of the digital content industry in its architecture, enabling content to be freely produced, distributed and traded within the Contentos ecosystem. Its utility has been proven by three major apps actively operating in the ecosystem which are LiveMe (Live Broadcast app), Cheez (Shotclip Video app), and PhotoGrid (Photo Editing app).
In particular, Contentos is widely known in the blockchain market as one of the few projects that received more than $1 Million US dollars investment from Binance Labs.

“Since SOMESING is a blockchain project with user-centered reward ecosystem, I have been personally paying close attention to it in terms of its increasing value of content, transparent reward and stable operation of the application. We look forward to a lot of mutual content partnerships and cooperation through this strategic partnership and it will attract hot response from the market” said Mick Tsai, CEO of Contentos.

Meanwhile, "SOMESING participated in the ‘Contentos Global Roadshow’ in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on the April 20th and had a lot of opportunities to promote the value of content and the future of blockchain. Also, SOMESING exchanged various opinions about future cooperative models with Contentos.", SOMESING official said.

SOMESING is set to release its iOS beta version within April. The beta version of Android was released in late February. SOMESING is also set to hold a meetup at the ICON Lounge in Euljiro on Thursday, April 25 and is currently open for participants through ‘meetup.com’.

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