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[JSR] The Start of Football Season Brings School Spirit

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The home field was very inviting with a pretty sunset during halftime. [Source: Author, Hannah Sung]

The home field was very inviting with a pretty sunset during halftime. [Source: Author, Hannah Sung]

Hannah Sung, Grade 10<br>Crescenta Valley High School

Hannah Sung, Grade 10
Crescenta Valley High School

The beginning of the school year can feel draining for students coming back from summer vacation. Towards late August and early September, it is difficult for teenagers to stay enthusiastic or as energetic as they were during the summer. As classes begin, with new teachers, different classmates, and new classes, school spirit is challenging to obtain. Students often times don’t pay attention to the multitude of events the school has to offer during the beginning of the school year, since they are still readjusting from summer break. Schools try to fix this lull of student energy with football season.

The first football game of the school year season at Crescenta Valley High School was on August 30, just a little over a week after school started. The theme was Falcon wear, fitting for the first game, as falcons are the school mascot. Students filled the student section of the stands with the school colors, navy blue and white, to support their team. The next football game’s theme was blackout, so the student section was filled with students wearing black outfits. Themes for the games allow students to show creativity in their outfits, while still being uniform in color. For many students, part of the fun of a football game is choosing their outfits, or even coordinating with friends beforehand. Having the first football game on a Friday night helped alleviate the frenzy of the first full week back to school. Forgetting the troubles of the past week, parents and students alike watched and cheered the varsity team as they won 37-0 against Sante Fe. Cheering for the same team helps maintain inclusivity at schools by having a common interest, the football game. The chants from the cheerleaders and the lively music from the band helped bring up the school spirit of the players on the field and spectators in the stands.

In addition to being a spectator at the game, students were able to buy food and drinks, and more importantly, socialize with friends. Kristen, a high school senior explains the exciting nature of games as being “the best part of the grueling school week. It is so fun to cheer on our school in the student section. We are all rooting for the team and it helps us bond with friends and make new ones as well.” For students, football games are a way to relieve the stress of school, while showing pride in their community, especially when their team wins. It allows students to get to know each other outside of a serious environment, while still being at a school event. The dynamic feeling of the game is unshakable when the entire field is booming with cheers and yelling against the other team. Experiencing the energy of the live game with peers creates a desire to keep coming back. Football season is integral to the spirit that continues throughout the whole year.
The student section during the football game. [Source: Author, Hannah Sung]

The student section during the football game. [Source: Author, Hannah Sung]

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