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[JSR] One-size clothing does not fit everyone

[LA중앙일보] 기사입력 2019/11/12 17:43

Holly Bae, Grade 10<br>La Ca&ntilde;ada High School

Holly Bae, Grade 10
La Cañada High School

Have you heard of the saying “one size fits all”? The phrase is labeled on many types of clothing, such as tops and skirts, and has been a controversial topic over the years. We are living in a world where everyone is different. No one has the same personality, no one has the same amount of knowledge, and most importantly, no one has the same body. This is why clothing stores often have sizes: small, medium, and large. We are not all one size; therefore we do not fit in the same clothing size. Some stores sell one-size clothing among the various types of sizes, but there is one store that mainly sells one specific size: Brandy Melville, the store that today's teenagers love to shop at.

I hate to admit, but I love the clothing style Brandy Melville sells. Unfortunately, due to their one-size clothing, I cannot fit into some of their clothes. Whenever I try on their jeans, I feel as if I am wearing a blanket. I have a petite fit, and their jeans are quite long on me, and the waist size is enough to fit two of me. The skirts have a similar fit and are larger than the skirts I usually wear. Already, this shows that I cannot wear them, and that I am not "one-size." My friends and I own the same top from Brandy Melville, and it looks completely different on each of us. This can change our ideas on different body types, and negatively affect us. Brandy Melville’s clothing is limited to skinny figures and is, in a way, supporting the idea that skinny is better. After experiencing the fit of the clothing, I truly believe that no brand should promote the phrase "one size fits all” or sell clothing in only one size.

Maral Ourfalian, a sophomore at La Cañada High School, shared her thoughts on one-size clothing, “I think that the one-size clothing policy, especially in Brandy Melville, singles people out and makes them feel they are not fit enough to wear the clothes. Stores should not only cater to the slimmest of bodies.”

Considering the number of people living in our world, one size does not fit all and should not be meant to. The look of one-size clothing can vary from people to people and can look tight, loose, or fit perfectly, all depending on the person. Therefore I think we should say no to the one-size-fits-all idea, and embrace that everyone is built differently.

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