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‘Eco-friendly blockchain SEED’

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기사입력 2018/07/15 23:58

Presentng Airdrops Through the Bounty Program

‘SEED’, the eco-friendly project based on blockchain technology, started its Bounty program event with the official website reorganization on the 9th.

SEED is drawing participation of individuals by adding blockchain technology to domestic and international eco-friendly, renewable energy projects. By changing the existing business structure from B2B (Business-to-Business) to B2C (Business-to-Consumer), it made it easy for anyone to participate in the SEED project.

Detailed information about the projects currently being planned (farm) can be found on the official website.

This bounty program allows participants to receive SEED Airdrop (as a reward) through SEED community participation, SNS sharing and posting.
SEED will be providing about 300 million KRW as Airdrop to the Bounty Program.

Various events such as △Registration Bounty Event, in which one can join the SEED official website, △SNS Bounty Event, in which one can be rewarded for pressing the ‘Like’ button, △Content Creation Bounty Event, in which one can be rewarded heavily for creating SEED related contents, and △Posting Bounty Event, in which one can upload a posting on blogs or foreign communities, have been prepared.

Application and details of the Bounty program can be found on the official website.

"I hope that the reorganization of the SEED official website will provide an opportunity for many people to understand and access the business model of SEED," said Young-geun, Shin, the CEO and the co-founder of SEED, “and I would like everybody to participate in the Bounty Program and participate in SEED's Earth saving campaign."

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