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[Student Reporter] Give and Take

[LA중앙일보] 발행 2012/02/27 교육 38면 기사입력 2012/02/26 14:14

Tap Into the Tap Project

Recently UNICEF launched the Tap Project which partners with restaurants to provide funds in addressing the water crisis that 900 million people all over the world face every day. The method is simple: restaurants will ask customers to donate $1 or more for tap water that would normally be free. Each dollar provides a child with clean water for 40 days.

The Water Project is a club formed by students who spread awareness of the water crisis through fundraising activities in which all funds go directly to organizations such as UNICEF.

Sophomore Eliya Lee believes as the vice president of the Water Project in GHCHS the Tap Project "would provide a great opportunity for the clubs on campus to be involved with a project that does not require a lot of money."

The Tap Project garnered nearly 3 million dollars to give a vital necessity to nearly 3 million children all over the globe. This year UNICEF plans to target specifically Togo Mauritania Vietnam and Cameroon. In areas such as these 4100 children die daily of water-related diseases such as blinding trachoma.

Lee commented "Since people spend their money on useless things I think the project will allow people to spend money on something more important and urgent. One dollar isn't a lot of money but it reaches out to that one suffering child. This will definitely make people aware of how little they can do for so much."

Sooji Yang / 10. Granada Hills Charter

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