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[오늘의 생활영어] as a matter of fact; 사실은

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(Carla and Steve are talking at work…)

(칼라와 스티브가 직장에서 이야기를 하고 있다...)

Carla: How's it going Steve?

칼라: 스티브 잘 지내지?

Steve: As a matter of fact I feel horrible and I have to give a presentation at work on Friday.

스티브: 사실은 아주 안좋아. 금요일날 업무와 관련해서 프리젠테이션도 해야 되는데.

Carla: What seems to be the problem?

칼라: 뭐가 문제 같은데?

Steve: The doctor said I have a bad cold but I don't think he knows what he's talking about.

스티브: 의사 말이 독감에 걸린 거래. 근데 잘 모르고 하는 말 같아.

Carla: You don't trust your doctor?

칼라: 의사를 못믿는 거야?

Steve: Not when he talked me into taking this cold medicine that absolutely does not work. And he told me to stay off my feet for a few days but I'm too busy.

스티브: 굳이 이 감기약을 먹으라는데 약효가 전혀 없으니까 못믿지. 그리고 며칠 쉬라고 하는데 너무 바쁘고.

Carla: Forget that medicine. My mom is really into herbal medicine.

칼라: 감기약은 됐어. 우리 엄마가 약초 박사야.

Steve: Oh, no thanks.

스티브: 고맙지만 됐어.

Carla: Oh, come on! Give it a try. You'll be dancing around in a day or two.

칼라: 빼지 말고! 한 번 먹어봐. 하루 이틀만 먹으면 날아다닐 테니.

Steve: Well, nothing seems to work. I'll try it.

스티브: 글쎄 듣는 약이 하나도 없는 것 같는데. 한 번 먹어볼게.

기억할만한 표현

* talk (one) into (something): (누구를) 설득해 (무엇을) 하게 하다.

"She didn't want to come but I talked her into it."

(그 여자가 안오려고 해서 설득해서 오도록 했습니다.)

* stay off (one's) feet: 쉬다.

"I stayed off my feet for a week so I feel much better today."

(일주일 동안 쉬었더니 오늘 기분이 좋네요.)

* to be into (something): (무언가에) 푹 빠지다.

"He has been into skiing since he was ten years old."

(그는 열 살 때부터 스키에 푹 빠졌습니다.)

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