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Eco-friendly, Renewable Energy Blockchain Company SㆍEㆍEㆍD’s ‘SEED Blockchain Center CDM Energy Farm’ Farming Ends in Great Success

김미정 기자
김미정 기자

기사입력 2018/09/05 01:01

The Farming of ‘SEED Blockchain Center CDM Energy Farm’, the first Farming of SㆍEㆍEㆍD, held from 22nd of August ended in great success, reaching the 97.25% of the target value, at 1:00 AM, September 5(KST).

The farming that most are aware of refer to the act of agriculture such as planting, cultivating, or harvesting seeds or seedlings.
However, SㆍEㆍEㆍD refers ‘Farming’ as the act of purchasing SEED token, which is like a seed, and planting the SEED in SㆍEㆍEㆍD’s Energy Farms.

The Farming of ‘SEED Blockchain Center CDM Energy Farm’ has received enthusiastic reactions and high participation rate from the start. It took less than a week to reach 80% of the target Farming quantity and received positive feedbacks from various communities and channels.

The reason behind the heated reaction is that SㆍEㆍEㆍD’s business model allows individuals to participate in eco-friendly business based on stable business guarantee policies from governments around the world.

Blockchain technology can reduce the transaction cost for investments in developing countries. Through blockchain technology, it became possible for individual investors to participate directly withought going through intermediary companies such as Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO).

This way, SㆍEㆍEㆍD can pay high harvest rate to individuals by omitting intermediary companies, and it is possible to confirm the transaction log of business funds transparently through the blockchain technology.

Young-geun, Shin, the co-founder of SㆍEㆍEㆍD expressed his gratitude and said “Thank you and welcome to all very much for joining the first step of SㆍEㆍEㆍD. According to our vision, ‘The eco-friendly, renewable energy business in which everyone can participate’, we wish to create an accessible platform for anyone aware of the climate change. Through this we will strive to build a platform that will lead the war against the climate change so that the Earth that is getting hotter, our families, friends, loved ones, and our children in the future generation do not suffer due to the climate changes.”

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