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BURICL, World’s First Home Care Cold & Warm Mask release

Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee

기사입력 2018/01/02 22:56

CEO Oh Se-min’s natural organic cosmetics company ‘BURICL’ release a Cold & Warm mask.

The new Cold & Warm mask is world’s first check the skin condition and automatically operated at optimal temperature and time. Data obtained is stored in the private cloud. Operating time is between 15 minutes to 20 minutes for Warm state (42 degree Celsius) and 5 minutes to 15 minutes for Cold state (21.5 degree Celsius) depending on skin type and condition.

Specially, while wearing a mask the users can send real-time skin status using Bluetooth and work, reading a book, watch TV. The user convenience also focused.

According to issued thesis jointly by Japan Saikan pharmacy, Keio University, Kumamoto University and Nagoya University found that increasing the temperature of the skin to 42 degrees Celsius increases the body’s natural healing power and improve the regeneration of the skin. And they also found that it produces and increase activity of the body’s collagen tissue.

BURICL the person interested said “Based on the technology of its own, the product development has been completed and the patent application was completed. In addition to the Cold & Warm mask, BURICL presents the best sellers Brighting Pure Pack, Moisture Cream, CC Cream. Brighting Pure Pack has been sold out many times”.

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