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[JRC] Start off to the 2013 MLB Season

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[시카고 중앙일보] 기사입력 2013/04/10 17:22

Junior Reporters Club



April's here now, and the long wait for the baseball fans is now finally over. New hopes and sayings such as “is this our year” arise as each baseball team is now given a fresh new start to a new season.

 HyoJin “Chris” Rho<br>    11th Grade,<br><br>  Stevenson High School<br>

HyoJin “Chris” Rho
11th Grade,

Stevenson High School

Every season, there are the anticipated winners, such as the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds, and Los Angeles Angels, while there are always the underdog teams, such as last year's Baltimore Orioles and the Oakland A's.

For some teams, failure to make the playoffs is a major disappointing season. However, for some teams, playoffs may not be expected, but an improvement from the past season's result may signal a bright note for the upcoming seasons.
This winter, there were major spenders, such as the Toronto Blue Jays and L.A. Dodgers. These teams decided to bring superstars to increase their chances of winning a World Series title this year. For them, winning now is the importance. However, there are some teams who didn't acquire many free agents and opted to go with developing their own young players to compete for a championship title run in a few years, such as the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. These teams aren't expected to do anything special this year(except for the Cubs fans, who knows, this may just be our year), but these teams are looking forward to this year of developing their teams to become a top team in a few years, when their young talent becomes a team of experienced baseball players.
Also, there's been a change to the league's divisions, as the Houston Astros moved from the National League Central division to the American League West Division, now giving five teams per each of the total six divisions. Houston's been competing with the Cubs for 5th place (the central division had six teams in its division until this year) the past couple of years, and now that Houston's moved onto a different division, the fight for 5th may have been resolved.
Regarding the Korean community, newcomer Ryu, Hyun Jin(photo) looks to get off to a good start in the MLB, after having a solid spring training, posting a 3.27 Earned Run Average and a respectable 27 strikeouts in 27.1 innings pitched. Also, Shin Soo Choo(who hit for a great average of .340), who was traded this offseason from the Cleveland Indians to the Cincinnati Reds, is moving to a playoff contending team, and can be a key factor to the Reds' success this year with his ability to get on base and his great fielding skills.
The season's just begun, and a new season full of surprises and exciting games is coming up, so baseball fans, get ready to enjoy this new season and enjoy the ride.

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