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[JSR] Why Mexico City is an Underrated Travel Destination

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Jonathan Kim, Grade 8<br>Culver City Middle School

Jonathan Kim, Grade 8
Culver City Middle School

Mexico City has been a rising tourist destination which attracts millions of people every year, yet it has been regarded as one of the more dangerous cities to travel to for tourists. Mexico City, however, is actually a relatively safe place to travel to, It is an underrated travel destination with many places to visit within the city.
One of the main reasons Mexico City is an underrated destination is due to its cheap prices, as it is one of the least expensive cities in the world. The component of Mexico City that possibly attracts the most people is the amazing food. The food is cheap and can be easily found at food stands across the city. The tacos are one of the biggest parts of Mexican cuisine as they serve the world’s best tacos. There are a variety of Mexican foods that people can eat, whether it is at a street vendor or a restaurant, and it is much cheaper than in America. This makes it easy to eat all the excellent foods in Mexico.
Transportation, which includes using the subway, taxi, or Uber is also inexpensive, making it easy to get around the city. It is a great city to travel to for a weekend getaway due to its inexpensive prices.
Mexico City is also a safe city since there is not much crime out in the open. It is safe to roam around in the day without the worry of getting involved in any crime. There are police all throughout the main city which makes it even safer to walk around.
The city is a lot cleaner and more modern than people might expect, and it does not look poor or worn down with crime as some may expect. Based on my personal experience, it feels just as safe to walk around in Mexico City as it does in other large cities such as Los Angeles or London.
Mexico City also provides a rich history, as there are many historical places and museums to go to. Teotihuacan, which is approximately fifty minutes away from Mexico City, is an ancient city that contains the largest pyramids in the Americas, which were built by the Aztecs. The pyramids have rich history, and you can experience great views of Mexico from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, which were built in 200 A.D. There are also many museums to visit in Mexico City. The National Museum of Anthropology gives the history of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations. There are many artifacts and exhibits to see as well as great architecture in the center of the museum. Another great museum to visit is the Frida Kahlo Museum. It is where the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo lived during her life. It houses many items and paintings important to her during life. It also is where Frida Kahlo’s husband, Diego Rivera, who was also a famous painter, lived during his life.
Mexico City is an underrated travel destination which has much more to offer than people think. There are many places to visit and it is a safe city that will allow you to explore a lot due to the low prices. Yet many people still think of Mexico City as a dangerous place to travel. As more people visit Mexico City and reveal the truths behind the great parts of the city, it should bring more attention to people as a great travel destination.

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