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[JRC학생기자] Deerfield Sweeps Awards at Badminton Conference

[시카고 중앙일보] 기사입력 2013/05/29 17:28

Heather Shin<br><br>10th Grade,<br>  Glenbrook North High School,<br>

Heather Shin

10th Grade,
Glenbrook North High School,

On April 26 and April 27, Deerfield High School held this year's varsity badminton conference tournament. There were over six different schools' teams - including teams from New Trier, Waukegan, Evanston Township, and Glenbrook South - using one school's facilities. With four gyms spread out in one area of the school, this allowed for many games to take place at once. The games were double-elimination, meaning a team was out of the bracket if it lost twice, and were managed by Deerfield's own students with the occasional help from a coach, who would record the brackets' progress. Each game was also worth a certain amount of points. If a team from a school won a game, it would earn the amount of points that this game was worth for its school. These points would accumulate throughout the two days to determine which school would be the overall 2013 varsity badminton conference champions. Parents, club coaches, and friends were encouraged to come and spectate the games, though they were asked not to distract the players.
Friday, April 26, was the first day of the conference games, and this was also the day reserved for the doubles games. Each school's team was to arrive immediately after its school day ended to allow the maximum warm-up time for its teammates. With six teams of two ranked in order per school, each team got the chance to play at least twice. Whether the team played more than twice or not depended on when it lost its second game. Saturday, April 27, was the second and final day for the conference games. The entire day was devoted to singles games, meaning all twelve players of each team from every school were to play. As singles play was also double-elimination, each player had the chance to play at least twice.
The awards ceremony took place in the main gym immediately after the final games had finished. In each bracket, the first-, second-, and third-place winners were announced by Deerfield's head varsity-badminton coach while Deerfield players gave out the medals. Each Deerfield badminton player could be seen wearing at least one medal, an impressive feat for any school in the conference games. The high school also swept the 2013 Conference Champions award, winning the most points against all the other schools. Shannon Pohl, owner of the Shannon Pohl Badminton Academy and a professional badminton player, was also seen congratulating those who had been awarded medals and talking with her own club students.

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