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Coding is key to decode the future of AI

Kyoum Hur
Kyoum Hur

[애틀랜타 중앙일보] 기사입력 2018/02/18 18:33

Coding Lecturer Bae Soo-won poses at the Koreadaily Atlanta cultural hub in Duluth, metro Atlanta, on Feb 16.

Coding Lecturer Bae Soo-won poses at the Koreadaily Atlanta cultural hub in Duluth, metro Atlanta, on Feb 16.

“Coding is the key to decode the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

Mr. Bae Soo-won, 33, had his heart set on aerospace engineering, but instead of challenging that field does guarantee success, he wanted to be an excellent coder and build expert teams.

First-ever Coding Academy in Korea town operated by Koreadaily Atlanta, that quickly can train participants for the new trend job seekers’ market is cropping up in Duluth, Metro Atlanta.

Participants can be a fast track to the top in-demand jobs and attract people from all walks of life, from middle and high school students to the highly educated looking for a career change. The Academy has been designed by Mr. Bae while he was in a doctoral student at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), will run its first three-month course in Duluth.

He quitted doctoral course to focus on Coding. Because Bae realized he needed coding skills to make his ideas come to rapidly changing IT world. After a round of self-studies in coding, the former NASA intern was familiar with so-called coding boot camps has finally earned a title: a professional Korean coder who is best-known as “The Legend of Georgia Tech”

“I believe coding is an essential tool that people from all ages, backgrounds and cultures should have the opportunity to learn, so that they have the ability to create skills that can change the world,” Bae told the Koreadaily Atlanta in an interview on Friday.

For tech-savvy country Korea-born Soo-won, who immigrated to the U.S. as a middle school student, always enjoyed fiddling with computers. “I also was interested a long time ago in school, but I didn’t know how to start or what to do with coding. It doesn’t limit me. I was confident as long as I have this skill I could work anywhere, anytime I want,” he added.

Advanced coding skills make it possible to create computer software applications or websites. Our operating system, browser, the apps on our smart phone, Facebook, tweeter, and all sorts of websites. They are all made with code.

He said his team plans to join a nationwide student code competition hosted by major companies such as Google and Facebook. Because the competition is incredibly beneficial for participants, engaging them in problem-solving, programming and learning how to work with AI.

“Some particular projects are challenging, but the team will be very useful in assessing the chances. The biggest challenge for our team will be the change of mind set,” he said.

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