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(코리아타운뉴스) U.S. Citizens' Social Media Also Subject to Review

By Dongchan Shin
By Dongchan Shin

[LA중앙일보] 발행 2017/09/28 미주판 20면 기사입력 2017/09/27 17:00

Log in info and activity logs under surveillance of the Department of Homeland Security

The federal government now plans to collect information from social media accounts. The decision is likely to spark further controversy.

Immigrants' social media records and log in information are now required to be included in the Department of Homeland Security's policy to conduct background checks, according to the Sept. 18 announcement.

The federal immigration department has been organizing "A-Files," which include social security numbers and government-issued benefits of immigrants, but it is now expanding the reach to social media accounts.

The policy is applicable to all immigrants who are waiting for their visas and green cards. It also includes naturalized U.S. citizens.

In addition, even U.S.-born citizens who converse with immigrants via social media could be subject to government investigations.

The government's decision to review social media accounts was motivated by the 2015 shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. Many terrorist attacks have also been discussed in advance on social media, prompting the Trump administration to make the decision.

The new policy will be effective starting Oct. 18.

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