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KAPAL-워싱턴중앙일보 주최 '바이오캠프' 에세이 수상작

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율리스 정

율리스 정 학생이 존스홉킨스의대 강당에서 자신의 비전을 말하고 있다

율리스 정 학생이 존스홉킨스의대 강당에서 자신의 비전을 말하고 있다

This opportunity to go to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Johns Hopkins, and the Macrogen Clinic was extremely enlightening and informative. The Biocamp inspired me to pursue my passion in neuroscience and biology, and it allowed me to learn about many future opportunities such as internships and career pathways.

On the first day of the camp we visited the NIH. At the NIH we first went the Nobel Laureate wall to see the scientists that had received grants from the NIH and went on to win the Nobel Prize. Our guide told us interesting stories of people on the wall such as how they got inspired or what they’re backgrounds were.

After that we walked over to the Clinical Center where we got a tour of the building and learned about how the building operated. We then ate lunch and, afterward, visited the National Library of Medicine. There we got to see a real Nobel Prize that was donated by Marshall Nirenberg. This was an awe-inspiring experience to see the Nobel Prize in person. It was also amazing to learn about how much knowledge is stored in the library.

We concluded day one of the Biocamp by visiting the Zebra Fish lab. We got to see what real scientists did in laboratory environments and what they were able to accomplish. This also allowed me to better understand what being a scientist is like.

We started off day two by taking a bus to the John Hopkins University campus. Dr. Kang gave a presentation on Parkinson’s disease and other neuroscience topics. This was an enriching experience for me because I am particularly interested in neuroscience, so learning about the work that he was working on was very informative for me.

We then toured around the campus and hospital and concluded the last day of the Biocamp with a trip to the Macrogen Clinic. We learned about what Macrogen does and I thought that it was really cool to see the scientists working in the lab and using all of the high-tech machines. It was an awesome experience and it made me want to do research and work in a lab in the future also.

Overall, the Biocamp was a fun and informative camp where I was able to learn a lot. After visiting the NIH, Johns Hopkins University, and the Macrogen Clinic I experienced many things that real scientists would do and learned about many new opportunities for the future. The Biocamp also inspired me to venture into new scientific fields and taught me about what it takes to be a scientist.

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