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(코리아타운뉴스) KAF L.A. Earning Recognition

By Byong Il Kim
By Byong Il Kim

[LA중앙일보] 발행 2017/08/23 미주판 26면 기사입력 2017/08/22 17:24

Chairwoman Laura Jeon is a member of the leader’s convention governing body

KAF L.A. chairwoman Laura Jeon(left) and director James Ahn.

KAF L.A. chairwoman Laura Jeon(left) and director James Ahn.

Korean-American Federation of Los Angeles (KAF L.A.) chairwoman Laura Jeon and director James Ahn are now members of the World Korean Community Leaders Convention governing body and National Unification Advisory Board (NUAB) standing committee, respectively.

Jeon has been appointed as a member of the 2017 World Korean Community Leaders Convention governing body. KAF L.A. announced Monday that Jeon will take part in the event that will take place in Seoul, South Korea on Sept. 26.

The other members include former Russia CIS Korean Federation president Kyung-jong Lee and former Central American Korean Federation president Se-ik Park. They will both serve on the advisory board, while 10 other leaders of the federation’s various branches and 12 other leaders were selected.

KAF New York chairman Min-sun Kim is the only other U.S.-based Korean leader to take part.

The 2017 World Korean Community Leaders Convention will kick off on Sept. 26 with a welcome dinner, followed by the celebration of the Korean Day, conversations with the government, meeting with the minister of foreign affairs, policy forum of major political parties and presentation of the federation’s plans and programs. The event’s last day is Sept. 29.

Meanwhile, KAF L.A. director Ahn was included in the 14-man standing committee for the NUAB. Three of the 14-man staff are U.S.-based as Jeong-il Seo of Chicago and New York’s Jung-nam Yoon were also appointed.

Koren American Civic Empowerment director Dong-seok Kim and Landmark Construction’s Seung-ri Kim were selected to take part in the taskforce division of the organization.

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