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(코리아타운뉴스) “Travelers and Residents Subject to Protection”

By Woosoo Lee
By Woosoo Lee

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L.A. Korean consulate police officer Bo-jun Kim

 Bo-jun Kim of L.A.’s South Korean consulate office is explaining what his job entails.<br><br><br>

Bo-jun Kim of L.A.’s South Korean consulate office is explaining what his job entails.

“I’m going to be a police officer who protects Korean citizens abroad like they’re my family.”

The Korea Daily met with deputy police officer Bo-jun Kim, who is based at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in L.A.

After graduating from South Korea’s police academy, Kim began working as a patrol officer specializing in investigation. He also played a prominent role in ensuring the safety of Korean and Southeast Asian government officials before working in L.A. from August 2015.

“An average of three to four cases involving a South Korean citizen occur in a week within the territory covered by the consulate office,” said Kim.

“My role is to protect both the Korean suspects and victims when those situations arise. Korean inmates in the U.S. suffer the most from not being able to stay in contact with their families. One of my main duties is to listen to their concerns and to provide them with as much help as I can.”

Kim still has a year left to serve in L.A. His hope is to create an environment for his replacement to work in a more efficient way.

“Accidents and criminal cases involving Korean citizens in L.A. is consistently increasing,” Kim said. “I think there aren’t enough people to handle all of these cases at once. I’m going to suggest expanding the staff here so that Korean citizens in the U.S. can have our full support. I encourage everyone to report to us actively as both U.S.-based Korean residents and travelers are subject to our protection.”

Kim provides legal and administrative assistance to all criminal cases involving Korean citizens except felonies and violation of immigration laws.

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