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Winner of Blockchain Survival “Block Battle Season 2”

김미정 기자
김미정 기자

기사입력 2019/07/19 00:13

SOMESING – Perfect Win from Beginning to the End

SOMESING, pocket karaoke application, won the first blockchain survival show “Block Battle Season 2”.
The final round of Block Battle was aired on 18th of July, and various projects across the world were selected to be the top 4 teams to compete for the winning seat. Project VID from US Silicon Valley, Curio Invest from Switzerland, and EVZ from Korea competed with SOMESING to be judged by 6 experts in the field.
Jun Li, CEO of Ontology, Rongbin Li, partner of Genesis Capital and various representatives from venture capitals and traditional conglomerates of Korea from each field of blockchain judged and questioned each project on stage.
Yoon, COO of SOMESING, noted that “SOMESING participated in Block Battle S2 intending to appear on the final round. We are very glad to be part of the final round with other outstanding projects, and it worked as a great advantage that Season 2 of Block Battle was under the theme of real-life blockchain.”
SOMESING won every single round in the survival show and exemplified blockchain application that can be used in every day consumers’ lives.
Lim, CEO of Grabity, who was the final winner of Block Battle Season 1, said: “it is a great honor to be able to appear as one of the judges, and to find a project with high-quality UI/UX with a detailed marketing plan for user acquisition.”

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